Stopping the Covid 19 Virus spreading utilizing the power of the UV Germicidal waves.
Currently when we are in the middle of the virus pandemic, it is very hard to obtain enough standard sterilization chemicals, and also it can be very unpractical to use it on all surfaces. We are offering a product family that uses UV Germicidal light waves to sterilize different items. Great advantage of this sterilization process is that it can accommodate different objects, it is quick, and it is easy to sterilize different type of items without any chemicals. Until now this type of sterilization processes was primary used in the laboratories and hospitals, but now it is available to everyone. Sterilization process uses the power of the UV waves to destroy the RNK and DNK of all microorganisms. Research published on the is stating that in order to neutralize viruses, does of 7-241 J/m2 is enough. For SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19) virus it is expected that the dose of D90 67 J/m2 is enough.
PowerTECH products
Contactless sterilization of items using UV Germicidal waves.
UV Germicidal Possibilities
Sterilization of open spaces and ventilations
UV Germicidal sterilization of the open spaces, ideal for offices, and large spaces, triggered once the office is empty it will sterilize the entire space and leave it sterilized for the next usage. UV Germicidal Ventilation and Climatization Sterilization, main usage to sterilize the airflow in buildings to prevent air pollution with the viruses.

What are we offering?

What are we offering?
There is a palate of the devices with the UV Germicidal waves solution.
Primary usage of these devices is for usage in public and private sector to help them with the fight with the Covid 19.
POST BOX UV Germicidal
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POST BOX UV Germicidal
Post box UV Germicidal box with double door for submitting documents or bank notes / cash sterilization. Advised sterilization time is 40 seconds (D90).
UV Germicidal Small Box 15W
UV Germicidal Small Box 15W
Closed system for sterilization of smaller devices, phones, glasses, documents. System contains timer functionality, stop system, IOT connectivity. Advised sterilization time is 40 seconds (D90).
UV Germicidal Box 30W
UV Germicidal Box 30W
Closed system for sterilization of larger objects, like shoes, bags.. System contains timer, stop system, remote device control (IOT), outside protection of acryl glass for UV radiation protection. Advised sterilization time is 40 seconds (D90).
UV Germicidal Grocery Delivery Box
UV Germicidal Grocery Delivery Box
Box Owner posses the master key, and service delivery will set the one time code. During the lock activation, sterilization process will start and the owner is notified that the sterilization is started, also notification will be sent once the sterilization process is done, so owner can pick up the delivered goods. Advised sterilization time is 5 minutes (D90).
Project is supported by the Innovation fond of Republic of Serbia
Innovation fond supported this project and recognized a potential of idea to help in our fight against world vide virus pandemic.
Sponsorship offer
In case a client can find an interest to become a project sponsor, he would get a devices (for personal or third party usage). Products can have a specific branding based on the sponsor requirements.
Together with our partner Gloritech doo. We are working on expanding the production capacity and wide usage of our products on the territory of Republic of Serbia.
Experience in developing new products: Mechanical engineering, electronic, software.
PowerTECH Our brand
PowerTECH brand from Metaling is chosen by Innovation fond of Republic of Serbia as a best solution for sterilization without the usage of chemicals, for fight against the Covid 19 virus. Supported and recognized solution contains a family of products that are operating using the power of UV Germicidal waves and enables quick and touch less sterilization of object surfaces. Our primary goal is to produce as many of these devices as possible so we can help the fight against the viruses. Special thanks to Innovation fond of Republic of Serbia for support and guidance, and also to our development team who realized ideas into usable products in a short amount of time.